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Thomas created an issue

Actually, it's more like if would prefer throwing myself through the nearest windows instead of reading distribute doc. Sadly I work on the ground floor.

For instance, consider this page : . The name setup_tool is employed more often the the actual project name, Distribute. When it come to installation, pip is never mentioned.

Python's packaging landscape is a mess. And the Distribute project add to this mess. Every time I try to dive into the Distribute documentation, a sentiment of despair grow and I wonder "Why got can't them call a spade a spade".

"Distributing a setuptool-based project" chapter propose to use distribute_setup to allow user to install my package without having setuptool by isntalling it for him. Wait what ? Is that a setuptool page or a distribute one ? Does distribute_setup really fetch a setuptool package from pypi or a Distribute one ?

After one minute of reading, I'm not even sure any more that I'm still on the Distribute web page.

I'm going crazy. The only thing I feel when trying to package a python program is "I need to stop Python for ever". Why do you use "setuptool" instead of "distribute", "easy_install" instead of "pip" ? Why do you hate so much the python packager beginner ? Why don't you want create a clear separation between setuptool and distribute ?


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  1. Alex Grönholm

    The first sentence on the PyPI page is:

    Distribute is a fork of the Setuptools project.

    I guess you missed that?

  2. Thomas reporter

    I can name dozens of forks that fully embrace this "condition" and still have a documentation in which you know precisely what project you're using. And they achieve that by using their own name and not the forked project's name.

    In other words, I think that Distribute should be a package management system for python that once was forked from another one. Currently I feel like it's Distribute a not completely detached and independent fork of Setuptools which is package management system for Python.

    And forgive my first message (or not, your choice). I was really upset after losing a day struggling with packaging a complex and dependency-bloated application that require a huge number of tweaks during installation and the state of packaging in python didn't help me a lot...

  3. Daniel Holth

    It would be helpful if anyone controlling the documentation of any of the deprecated packaging methods placed a large "Stop Reading This Document!" warning at the top. Despite the blog posts etc., it takes a tremendous amount of determination reading very similar documentation to find out the "most correct way" to package.

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