Easy Install Fails to add DLL files packaged in exe files.

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Issue #146 resolved
Former user created an issue

If you run easy_install on windows and it finds a exe to install for example:


It claims to install properly but when you attempt to import pymssql it complains about missing DLL's. It appears that setuptools packages these DLL's in DATA/LIB/site-packages but this is not searched in the easy_install 'get_exe_prefixes' function. This Patch will fix this issue:

{{{ #!python

1276,1281 * ('PURELIB/', ''), ('PLATLIB/pywin32_system32', ''), ('PLATLIB/', ''), ! ('SCRIPTS/', 'EGG-INFO/scripts/'), ! ('DATA/LIB/site-packages', ''), ] z = zipfile.ZipFile(exe_filename) --- 1276,1280 ---- ('PURELIB/', ''), ('PLATLIB/pywin32_system32', ''), ('PLATLIB/', ''), ! ('SCRIPTS/', 'EGG-INFO/scripts/') ] z = zipfile.ZipFile(exe_filename)


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