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Issue #189 resolved
Michael Grünewald created an issue

//(Windows only)// When I call a script's .exe file generated through //console_scripts//, it does globbing itself (i.e. it replaces parameters with stars with the matching filenames in that directory).

Seems like this is a result of using the mingw compiler which tries to emulate the linux shell behavior.

Anyway this is unwanted in some cases and there does not seem to be a way to disable that.

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  1. Michael Grünewald reporter

    If you run the attached scripts via Python itself and using the generated printargv.exe, the results vary. E.g.:

    D:\Temp\python-argv>python *
    D:\Temp\python-argv>printargv.exe *
    ['build', 'dist', 'Printargv.egg-info', '', '']
  2. Michael Grünewald reporter

    How was the .exe in the repository compiled? There is a MSVC build script in the repository, but applications compiled with MSVC should only behave like that if you link them against setargv.obj. It seems like it was compiled with MinGW and if so, the _CRT_glob variable might play a role here.

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