distribute fails unittests on python-3.2

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Issue #191 resolved
Toshio Kuratomi created an issue

distutils in python-3.2 adds an abiflags value to configvars. This breaks the easy_install unittests.

In this bug: http://bugs.python.org/issue11200

It was diagnosed that a lot of code was copy and pasted from distutils. I'll attach a patch that fixes the unittest issue but a future cleanup might involve either using inheritance to more closely sync with the distutils install command or updating the copied code.

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  1. Toshio Kuratomi reporter

    Changes pushed to 0.6-maint. the changes are slightly different than the patch since we decided to always have abiflags in config_vars -- it'll just be the empty string unless sys.abiflags exists (python >= 3.2).

  2. Toshio Kuratomi reporter

    I asked tarek to review on IRC and he thought that sounded like the better of the two approaches (only set abiflags on Python-3.2+ or have it in config_vars but set to empty string). Other than that, I'm not knowledgable enough to make that decision.

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