alternate format for egg_info's --tag-date option (patch attached)

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Issue #198 open
Eli Collins created an issue

Attached is an hg patch which does the following -

It adds a //--tag-date-format// option to the //egg_info// command, which lets the user override the format string that //--tag-date// passes to //time.strftime()//. It defaults to //"-%Y%m%d"// so as to not change existing behavior.

The main motivation for this patch is so that //--tag-date// can be made to generate PEP386 compatible version strings, such as with the following combination of options: //--tag-build=".dev" --tag-date=true --tag-date-format="%Y%m%d"//, would generate a version string //"x.x.dev20110329"//.

Currently, tag_date inserts a hyphen before the date, which isn't PEP386 compatible. An alternate would be to patch distribute to remove the hyphen, but that would probably disturb existing users; whereas this patch shouldn't effect any projects that don't use it.

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  1. Tarek Ziadé repo owner

    It could be interesting to have distribute pep386-compatible. Eric, what do you think as a part of GSOC ?

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