`develop` command uses `execfile` which fails on Python 3

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Victor Andrée
created an issue

I'm using distribute/pip/virtualenv to develop a Python 3 project (leges). I've got a pretty basic setup:



setup( name='leges', version='0.1dev',

packages=[ 'leges', 'leges.commands', 'leges.commands.sfs', 'leges.sfs', 'leges.sfs.db' ],

scripts=['bin/leges-sfs'], test_suite='leges.tests', ) }}}

When running python setup.py develop, a script like the following is created in my virtualenv's bin directory:



EASY-INSTALL-DEV-SCRIPT: 'leges==0.1dev','leges-sfs'

requires = 'leges==0.1dev' from pkg_resources import require; require('leges==0.1dev') del require file = '/Users/victor/programming/leges/leges/bin/leges-sfs' execfile(file) }}}

This does not work on Python 3, as execfile doesn't exist anymore. Using install (or install_scripts) copies my bin/leges-sfs script, which works. However, install_scripts does not overwrite files, so I have to do this:

$ python setup.py develop

$ rm ~/.virtualenvs/leges3.2/bin/leges-sfs

$ python setup.py install_scripts

I think the develop command should use the same script installation method as the regular install command, or at least not use execfile.

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  1. gagern

    2to3 fixes this in the following fashion:

    +exec(compile(open(__file__).read(), __file__, 'exec'))

    I guess that code should work for python 2 as well, so I suggest simply replacing the current line with that one. I assume you don't require a patch for that single line change, do you?

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