scripts and test_suite are not converted by 2to3

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Issue #233 new
Alain Spineux created an issue

I have this in my

{{{ #!python

setup( ... scripts=[ 'scripts/sendmail', 'scripts/' ], use_2to3 = True, packages = [ 'mypackage'], test_suite = 'tests', ... )

}}} and none of sendmail (without .py) or (with .py) are converted when running

/opt/python-3.2.2/bin/python3 install

They are installed in ///opt/python-3.2.2/bin// directory but are unusable.

Also 'tests' is not converted and ///opt/python-3.2.2/bin/python3 test// fail. As a workaround I can add //tests// to //packages //but then //tests// is distributed as a package, or move //tests //directory into //mypackage//. Then tests is distributed as mypackage.tests, not what I want but more acceptable.

Everything else are working fine.

Alain Spineux