python should return a non-zero code if upload register fails

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Issue #245 wontfix
Guy Rozendorn created an issue

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  1. Guy Rozendorn reporter
    python2.7 register
    Registering infi.hello to
    Server response (401): basic auth failed
    guyr@guyr-ubuntu ~/code/hello_world (develop)
    $ echo $?
  2. Guy Rozendorn reporter

    not just in this case, errors are "announced" (logged), and that's it. I will raise an exception in this case.

  3. Guy Rozendorn reporter

    if using Python>=2.5, distribute uses disutils's upload command, which isn't properly factored, and the only option to make it raise an exception if the upload failed to copy the upload_file method from disutils.

    But the upload_file method is different between Python 2.6 and 2.7 (and probably differs from other versions too), so copying just this method is a bitch.

    I don't see an easy fix for this. I will leave this as an open issue. Hopefully, there will resolve this (return proper exit codes) with disutils2, or at least throw exceptions on upload failures.

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