fold in 'markerlib' as a new top-level package 'envmarkers'

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Issue #302 resolved
Daniel Holth created an issue

I will do this, but I want to track it here.

pkg_resources conditionally imports markerlib to enumerate dependencies for .dist-info style distributions. It would be better if this always works without the side effects you might get from importing setuptools. 'envmarkers' is an ugly name that is less likely to have collisions than 'markers'. I might decide to prefix it with an underscore _envmarkers for good measure.

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  1. Lennart Regebro

    This is currently completely broken under Python 3. Also the tests doesn't work under Python 2 either, since you removed _markers_ast. I know the test coverage is bad, but we really can't have people developing on this without running the tests.

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