[Patch] Import loop in site.py under Python 3.3

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Issue #304 resolved
Stefan H. Holek created an issue

Under Python 3.3, site.py can run into an import loop if distribute is on the sys.path more than once (or a second version of distribute is on the sys.path - don't blame me, sys.path can be messy.). This is likely due to changes to the import machinery [1].

To fix this, the import imp statement has been moved further down, into the try/except clause, to catch cases when distribute tries to load itself or a sibling.

Patch 'site.py': [[https://bitbucket.org/stefanholek/distribute/changeset/dfc6aafc0d21]]

[1] Python 3.3 import changes: http://docs.python.org/dev/whatsnew/3.3.html#using-importlib-as-the-implementation-of-import

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