[Patch] Warning shows during normal operations

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Issue #305 resolved
Stefan H. Holek created an issue

When use_2to3=True, the "Excluded fixer not found" warning is printed during normal operations, like when running 'setup.py test' after having made changes to source files.

The warning is also rather boring and setuptools has the general policy of failing silently, I believe.

Patch 'build_py': [[https://bitbucket.org/stefanholek/distribute/changeset/b55322040187]]

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  1. Stefan H. Holek reporter

    Please try the attached package.

    $ tar xzf test_excluded_fixers.tgz
    $ cd test_excluded_fixers
    $ virtualenv3.3 .
    $ ./bin/easy_install -U ../distribute-trunk
    $ ./bin/python setup.py develop
    Fixing build/lib/test_excluded_fixers/__init__.py ...
    Excluded fixer lib2to3.fixes.fix_filter not found
    Excluded fixer lib2to3.fixes.fix_xrange not found

    This is because while the commands are re-initialized the Distribution is not, and the fixers are already gone the second time around.

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