Slight dependency_links bug introduced by #227

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Issue #324 new
E. Madison Bray created an issue

In the fix to #227, easy_install options are written to a dependency's setup.cfg as a mechanism of ensuring that those options are passed on to the dependencies.

The problem is that this naively assumes, when passing options to {{{setopt.edit_config}}}, that the values of all options will be strings. However, there are some cases where those options can be lists. In particular, if "find-links" is set by passing a list to {{{dependency_links=[...]}}} in the, the find-links option will be a list not a string. The result is that something looking like:

{{{ [easy_install] find-links = [http://...] }}}

is written to the dependency's setup.cfg. This causes a string like "[...]" to be passed to the package index's search paths, and results in a mysterious warning message displayed to the user:

{{{ Not found: ['http://...'] }}}

This doesn't cause any huge problems, though presumably it does mean the find-links value is not correctly propagated.

This could probably be fixed by modifying {{{setopt.edit_config}}} to understand lists and write them out as multi-line values with each list item on its own line.

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