friendly API: Easy way to fetch other filetypes (e.g. .msi)

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Issue #33 wontfix
htgoebel created an issue

The API should be easily extendible to fetch other filetypes (eg. .msi or installer-exe). This is esp. important on Windows, where many users do not have a compiler-suite and thus can not build binaries.

Additionally some option "--prefer-build-over-version" would be helpful. This would fetch/install e.g. the pre-build binary package version 1.1.3 instead of 1.2.1 which is only available as source package.

Examples for packes this would be helpful for are: pygtk (et al.), pyopenssl, py2exe, psycopg2.

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  1. htgoebel reporter

    Example: This failed some weeks ago since the Windows binaries had an older version:

      easy_install -f psycopg2

    On stickpeople only 2.0.11 has been available, but 2.0.12 has already been released and published on pypi. Thus easy_install picked 2.0.12 source and tried to compile it.

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