Windows setup problem - directory name problems

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Matthew Smedberg created an issue

There seems to be a problem with the setup procedure for win32. The same error manifests when I try to install using a package manager (both easy_install and pypm) and when I python2.7 install manually.

The result of running install from the Windows shell is a folder named "distribute-0.6.30-py2.7.egg" in /Lib/site-packages. (This folder doesn't contain much, but I can't compare the contents to what it "should" contain since that information isn't listed on the development page.) After running the install,

import distribute

fails with an

ImportError: no module named distribute

By comparison, the usual pattern when I install a module from is that a folder with the same name as the package and containing useful .py files (, ...) is placed in /Lib/site_packages; and

import packagename

works immediately.

Is there a command-line option that I'm missing, or is the package not being correctly installed?

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