friendly API: Easy way to change priorities for filetypes (eggs are always preferred)

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Issue #34 wontfix
htgoebel created an issue

The API should easily allow changing the priority of fetched filetypes. Currently eggs are always preferred

This would allow using Distribute to download source Tars to set-up a development environment or to pre-process the archive. This is interesting for e.g. building executable using py2exe. In this case one needs the source archive instead of the egg.

Additionally some option "--prefer-<filetype>-over-version" may be helpful. This would fetch/install e.g. the <filetype> package version 1.1.3 instead of 1.2.1 which is only available as egg.

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  1. Tarek Ziadé repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Agreed. I think picking up the source first, then the eggs, then looking at the web page at last would be prefect.

    I also like the --prefer-<filetype>-over-version idea, I am opening this issue for 0.7

  2. htgoebel reporter

    Please note: I'm asking for an API, not to change the default behavior.

    I'm not sure whether the source should be picked first always (as default behavior). This may lead to trouble if a package is an extension package and the systems does not include a compiler suite. So the current default of fetching the egg is still okay IMHO. But an additional API (and cmd-line-option) would help.

    <filetype> should also include msi and exe.

  3. Florian Schulze

    I think this should be an option in user settings or something, so we can use it easily with zc.buildout as soon as possible. I ran into an issue today on Snow Leopard where a package had 32 bit OS X binary eggs and they didn't work. Luckily the maintainer removed the binary eggs, so I could continue.

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