subsequent sdist runs don't reflect changes

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Chris Jerdonek created an issue

If I run python sdist, delete some files from, and then run the command again, the created sdist does not reflect the changes to

I believe this is because sdist leaves behind the egg-info directory it creates in the project directory.

If this is the root cause, I think running sdist using Distribute should clean up after itself and delete the egg-info directory it created. This is what distutils does at the end of its run() method, for example: it deletes the base project directory it creates in the project directory that it used to create the tar archive:

if not self.keep_temp:
    dir_util.remove_tree(base_dir, dry_run=self.dry_run)

(from here)

I also noticed that, if the egg-info directory is present in the project directory when running python sdist, the SOURCES.txt file in the egg-info directory doesn't get updated if you delete a file from This is another reason the issue above manifests itself (no pun intended).

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