distribute-0.6.39 broke zc.buildout-2.1.0

Issue #376 resolved
Guy Rozendorn
created an issue


zc.buildout uses the 'cli.exe' from distribute: File "C:\Cygwin\home\Administrator\python\lib\site-packages\zc.buildout-2.1.0-py2.7.egg\zc\buildout\easy_install.py", line 1107, in _create_script new_data = pkg_resources.resource_string('setuptools', 'cli.exe')

in 0.6.39 cli.exe was removed; I already started a thread on buildout's mailing list to use the proper wrappers, but until it is resolved, can you please copy cli-32.exe to cli.exe and gui-32.exe to gui as a backward-compatibility workaround? it won't affect distribute's easy_install, and it will allow other packages to do a clean transition.

Thanks, Guy

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  1. Guy Rozendorn reporter

    @Jason R. Coombs , I wanted to do the release on my own (I have admin privileges over the package in PyPI), but I got stuck on the travis CI -- its running the code from your github repository, which I cannot push my changes to.

    The tests pass on my end, and I want to release this as soon as possible; Unless you object, I'd like to go on with the release tomorrow on my own and lets worry on the CI later. Thanks, Guy

  2. Jason R. Coombs

    Arg arg arg!

    Sorry for my silence on the issue. My bitbucket e-mails were getting swallowed by a rule which I created for the bitbucket-users mailing list, but which recently started to match all e-mail from bitbucket.

    Otherwise, I would have addressed this promptly. I'll get the script updated right away.

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