Issue #70 resolved

Exec bit in non-exec files

Steve Milner
created an issue

There seems to be a lot of exec bits set on non executable items. I tried to make a patch but I'm still getting use to hg (and using export showed no changes with a-x) :-).



$ find . -executable -type f | grep -Ev ".[sh|exe]" ./distribute.installer/
./distribute/distribute/command/ ./distribute/distribute/command/ ./distribute/distribute/command/ ./distribute/distribute/command/ ./distribute/distribute/command/ ./distribute/distribute/command/ ./distribute/distribute/command/ ./distribute/distribute/command/ ./distribute/distribute/command/ ./distribute/README.txt ./distribute/ ./distribute/setup.cfg ./distribute/ ./distribute/ ./distribute.resources/tests/api_tests.txt ./distribute.resources/docs/resources.txt ./distribute.resources/ }}}

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  1. Tarek Ziadé repo owner
    • changed status to open
    • changed milestone to 0.6.7

    Beware that 0.6 is in the maintenance branch called 0.6-maintenance (your diff is about 0.7).

    Now for the problem, which is different from the one you are describing (executable bit set in the mercurial repo) we do need to fix this behaviour.

    Do you want to work on a patch ? I can help for the mercurial part :)

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