Added support for Windows RT (arm).

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  1. Grigory Petrov


I have compiled launcher.c via freeware Visual Studio 2012 Express as described here:

Tested on Yoga 11 with Windows RT and Python 2.7.3 port from here:

Comments (4)

  1. Jason R. Coombs

    I like this. I imagine it should be very possible to include this in an upcoming release.

    One request - can you determine if it's possible to update msvc-build-launcher.cmd to build the launcher executables for ARM as well? I don't know if you can specify an architecture to the cl.exe. Maybe you can just replace x64 with ARM. Let me know what you find. In any case, we can probably include some form of this request in an upcoming release.

  2. Martin von Löwis

    I'd like to point out that Microsoft doesn't support desktop apps on Windows RT; you have to jail-break the system to make this work. IOW, any Windows-on-ARM Python build as a desktop app will be of use to only a small group of hackers. Of course, it might still be useful to support them in distribute.

  3. Grigory Petrov author

    @Martin von Löwis Yes, but remember - third party applications was prohibited on iPhone too, and all development was "unofficial". But after some time, API was open and now ecosystem has strongest online market. Counting patch size (very small) and overall complexity (very easy to use python on Win RT) i think it's a good idea to support it "just in case". Win RT is also a good test field for "cross platform software" since it behaves exacty like Windows, but runs on completely different processor architecture.

  4. Grigory Petrov author

    @Jason R. Coombs I have modified msvc-build-launcher.cmd and tested it on my virtual machines. It will be good if someone review it, since my batch skills are not very high. It seems that original .cmd file missed "/SUBSYSTEM" Microsoft C++ compiler command-line key so both gui- and cli- was both actually command-line. I have fixed this, but not sure is it a bug or a feature.