distribute /

The branch 'default' does not exist.

export VERSION="0.6"

# creating the releases
rm -rf dist

# eggs
python2.3 -q egg_info -RDb '' bdist_egg # manual upload
python2.4 -q egg_info -RDb '' bdist_egg # manual upload
python2.5 -q egg_info -RDb '' bdist_egg register upload
python2.6 -q egg_info -RDb '' bdist_egg register upload

# updating the md5 hashes
python --md5update dist/distribute-$VERSION-py2.3.egg
python --md5update dist/distribute-$VERSION-py2.4.egg
python --md5update dist/distribute-$VERSION-py2.5.egg
python --md5update dist/distribute-$VERSION-py2.6.egg

# now preparing the source release
python2.6 -q egg_info -RDb '' sdist register upload

echo You need to commit the md5 changes