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 == Distribute 0.6.x ==
-**Goal: Distribute 0.6.x goal is to be 100% compatible with Setuptools 0.6c9**
+**Goal: Distribute 0.6.x goal is to be 100% compatible with Setuptools 0.6c11**
 * Fix all the remaining bugs
 * Enhance package_indexer (the module that grabs files on PyPI)
 == Distribute 0.7.x ==
-**Goal: Distribute 0.7.x goal is to refactor and rename everything**
+Initially we planned to introduce new features in the 0.7.x series. This approach has since been abandoned in favor of working on distutils2.
-* Coexist with Distribute 0.6.x
-* Drop support for Python 2.3
-* Remove easy_install (in favor of [[|pip]])
-* Drop zipped egg support and self-contained egg support in favor of one single installation standard ([[|PEP 376]])
-* Remove all monkey patching of Distutils
-* Add support for develop --user
-* Split the code into several packages:
+You can read more about the roadmap at
-  * distribute.resources: contains most of the old pkg_resources, that is used to query installed packages. 
-    Will implement [[|PEP 376]] when this is ready.
-  * distribute.entrypoints : contains the entry points system (uses distribute.resources)
-  * distribute.index : contains package_index
-  * distribute.core: the main package, contains everything else
+Tarek also frequently blogs about new developments in his blog at