distutils.version /

##  A very simple test to see what percentage of the current pypi packages
##  have versions that can be converted automatically by distutils' new
##  suggest_normalized_version() into PEP-386 compatible versions.
##  Requires : Python 2.5+

   import cPickle as pickle
   import pickle

import xmlrpclib
import os.path

from verlib import suggest_normalized_version

INDEX_PICKLE_FILE = 'pypi-index.pkl'
VERSION_PICKLE_FILE = 'pypi-version.pkl'

package_info = version_info = []

## Get pypi full package list if the file's not found, else restore it
if not os.path.exists(INDEX_PICKLE_FILE):
    print "Retrieving pypi packages..."
    server = xmlrpclib.Server('')
    package_info  ={'name': ''})

    print "Saving package info.."
    with open(INDEX_PICKLE_FILE, 'wb') as o:
        pickle.dump(package_info, o)
    print "Loading saved pypi data..."
    with open(INDEX_PICKLE_FILE, 'rb') as f:
        package_info = pickle.load(f)

## Save pypi package's version info  Get pypi full package list if the file's
## not found, else restore it
versions = []
if not os.path.exists(VERSION_PICKLE_FILE):
    print "Number of Packages = ", len(package_info)
    versions = [p['version'] for p in package_info]
    with open(VERSION_PICKLE_FILE, 'wb') as o:
        pickle.dump(versions, o)
    with open(VERSION_PICKLE_FILE, 'rb') as f:
        versions = pickle.load(f)

total_versions = len(versions)
matches = 0.00
no_sugg = 0.00
have_sugg = 0.00

for ver in versions:
    sugg = suggest_normalized_version(ver)
    if sugg == ver:
        matches += 1
    elif sugg == None:
        no_sugg += 1
        have_sugg += 1

pct = "(%2.2f%%)"
print "Results:"
print "--------"
print "Total Packages  : ", total_versions
print "Already Match   : ", matches, pct % (matches/total_versions*100,)
print "Have Suggestion : ", have_sugg, pct % (have_sugg/total_versions*100,)
print "No Suggestion   : ", no_sugg, pct % (no_sugg/total_versions*100,)
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