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 Distribute your plugins
+Using `distutils`
 If you want to distribute your plugins, you just have to import the module
 that registers the plugins into your `` file::
 a special file called `PLUGINS` into the `.egg-info` directory created when
 your package is installed.
+Using `distutils2`
+`extensions` also has `distutils2` support. The procedure is similiar to the
+one for `distutils`, just the name of the module has to be changed, i.e. the
+`` file will look like::
+    from distutils2.core import setup
+    from myapp import plugins  # registers the plugins
+    setup(name='myapp', version='1.0'
+          packages=['myapp'])
+What is different, is where the `PLUGINS` file with all the entry points is
+located. In this case, it is placed in the `.dist-info` directory of the
+distribution which is created in accordance with :pep:`376`.
 Compatibility with setuptools entry points