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   ignore = E226,E302,E41
   max-line-length = 160
+  exclude = tests/*
+  max-complexity = 10
 If the ``ignore`` option is not in the configuration and not in the arguments,
 only the error codes ``E226`` and ``E241/E242`` are ignored
 (see the :ref:`warning and error codes <error-codes>`).
+This is a (likely incomplete) list of settings that can be used in your config
+file. In general, any settings that pep8 supports we also support and we add
+the ability to set ``max-complexity`` as well.
+- ``exclude``: comma-separated filename and glob patterns
+  default: ``.svn,CVS,.bzr,.hg,.git,__pycache``
+- ``filename``: comma-separated filename and glob patterns
+  default: ``*.py``
+- ``select``: select errors and warnings to enable which are off by default
+- ``ignore``: skip errors or warnings
+- ``max-line-length``: set maximum allowed line length
+  default: 79
+- ``format``: set the error format
+- ``max-complexity``: McCabe complexity threshold