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Ian Cordasco  committed 2615384

pep8 will now recognize .flake8

But this will not guarantee that a section titled `[flake8]` will be parsed.
This will take more work.

re: #56

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 from flake8.util import _initpep8, skip_file, get_parser
 pep8style = None
+pep8.PROJECT_CONFIG = ('.flake8', '.pep8', 'tox.ini', 'setup.cfg')
 def main():
     global pep8style
     # parse out our flags so pep8 doesn't get confused
     parser = get_parser()
-    opts, _ = parser.parse_args()
+    opts, _ = pep8.process_options(parse_argv=True, parser=parser)
     if opts.install_hook:
         from flake8.hooks import install_hook