flake8 does not work in windows

Jeremy Cantrell avatarJeremy Cantrell created an issue

Every python package that I've used on windows creates a bat script wrapper for any included scripts (this is so that windows will recognize the script as executable).

I suspect that the problem is with the setup.py, but I'm not sure what. Here's the pyflakes setup.py that does generate a bat script wrapper.


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  1. Filip Wasilewski

    This could be solved by declaring entry points for setuptools/distribute (see b5e41d97cc9d, preferable for virtualenvs) and providing a simple flake8.bat file when setuptools is not available. For example:

    @echo off
    python -m flake8.run %*
  2. Marc Labbe

    True, I believed the batch file was an alternative to the entry point but it is complementary when setuptools is not available. I ignored it since setuptools/distribute are always available within a virtualenv, which is the way I always work.

    In fact, I would have the tendency to include a .cmd file instead of a batch. What do you think?

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