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Package Maintainers: Assemble!

Ian Cordasco avatarIan Cordasco created an issue

So thanks to Florent Xicluna and Paul Tagliamonte this weekend should see the release of flake8 2.0 which will be more secure than 1.7.0 since we no longer vendor our dependencies (AT ALL).

To help the package maintainers out, here's an issue to help you guys out.

flake8 2.0 will require the following:

  • setuptools
  • pep8 1.4.3
  • mccabe 0.2
  • pyflakes 0.6.1

Diogo Baeder will be prepping these for Ubuntu's mainstream repositories as far as I know. I would assume Paul Tagliamonte or one of the new package maintainers he's helping will work on Debian. Anyone else who's going to package this can reply to this. I'm thinking of making at the very least an list in my email as to who to send updates to, at the most I'm considering a mailing list for the project. This will be more to help you guys than anything.

I might throw together a SlackBuild myself, unless someone else wants to do it for me. :)

Also, I would like to thank the package maintainers for their work. You guys are awesome.

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  1. Paul Tagliamonte

    Hey, thanks for this, Ian!!

    Debian packages migrate to Ubuntu by using requestsync, I can help work with Diogo about that process too :)

    In short -- Ubuntu / Debian on lockdown, captain!

  2. Ian Cordasco

    Does Debian require that all documentation be included in the distribution? The README contains 90% of our documentation, the other 10% (or less really) is just about the API.

  3. Karol Woźniak

    Hi, I am the flake8 packager for ArchLinux's AUR repository.

    Just letting you know that I'm on it and will update as soon as I shake pyflakes maintainers strong enough (pyflakes in AUR are awfully outdated now...) :).

  4. Ian Cordasco

    Karol Woźniak Thanks for maintaining the package in AUR.

    So I'm not the only one considering a mailing list for the project. Diogo Baeder would also like one. Would you guys be averse to one? It would probably be very low traffic. Also, I'm thinking of making it a joint list with pep8 and pyflakes since the three projects are rather closely linked with Florent Xicluna's participation. It would probably also make your lives easier too.

    I'll create a separate proposal for it here.

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