check_code broken

Sergey Trupp avatarSergey Trupp created an issue


Given "" flake8.main.check_file("test") -> return 9 test errors flake8.main.check_code(open(r"").read()) -> return "0" as output

win 7 64x, flake8 –version installed by pip ... 2.0 (pep8: 1.4.5, pyflakes: 0.6.1, mccabe: 0.2)

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  1. Ian Cordasco

    Using the following I can sort of reproduce this:

    import os
    import sys

    With check_code I get:

    stdin:1:10: W292 no newline at end of file
    stdin:1:23: E901 SyntaxError: invalid syntax
    stdin:2:11: W292 no newline at end of file

    With check_file: F401 'os' imported but unused

    I'll take care of figuring out why this is reporting two different things. Thanks for the report

  2. Sergey Trupp

    hi, i found the bug. in the check_code function you do call "lines=code.splitlines()". this is wrong because splitlines remove line breaks ... you should call "code.splitlines(True)"

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