#35 Merged

Fix mercurial hook, issue #88

  1. Florent Xicluna avatarFlorent Xicluna

It should fix issue #88.

However, please test. Someone reported that it does not work for him (see discussion on related issue).

Comments (4)

  1. Ian Cordasco

    Actually with this, I'm getting a different error now:

    calling hook pre-commit: flake8.hooks.hg_hook
    error: pre-commit hook raised an exception: 'node'
  2. Ian Cordasco

    Did you follow through with the commit? I didn't but it didn't cause an issue when using hg ci. I just didn't want to commit bunk. Then again if this works for you like this, and --install-hook does the right thing (which it does), I'll happy accept this document that the feature only works with the commit hook.

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