#31 Merged
  1. Marc Labbe

Updated according to comment.

Comments (12)

        1. Marc Schlaich

          Only CVS and SVN. But the sdist is the same with or without MANIFEST.in, so IMO it could be dropped.

          However, bin/*.py is missing in both versions and in the official on PyPI, too. Not sure if this was intended?!

  1. Marc Labbe author

    I admit I didn't verify this since it is only used on Linux which wasn't the focus of my attention (but that's no excuse).

    I updated the request but my understanding is that flake8/flake8 script could also be removed, then the whole line in MANIFEST.in could be removed as well. None of the entry point is using it and AFAIK, flake8/flake8 is not installed anywhere else.

    Anyways, the focus of this issue was WIndows only and it is now fixed as far as I am concerned.

  2. Marc Schlaich

    flake8/flake8 and flake8/run.py seems obsolete, too. If one of the maintainers can confirm this, it would be the best to adress this also with this pull request.

    1. Marc Labbe author

      Not a problem for me but Ian seemed to think that flake8/run.py should stay in the bug comment though. Have you seen the comment?

      @Ian Cordasco, simply let me know and I'll remove any module we don't need anymore it if necessary.

      I would remove flake8/flake8 and the line from the MANIFEST.in I removed, then added back :)

        1. Ian Cordasco

          @Marc Schlaich I did make it though. People using the recipe for a mercurial hook expect the relevant code to be in flake8/run.py. That said, to ease the pain of migration to flake8 2.0, I made the conscious decision to make flake8/run.py backwards compatible. I need to document, though, that it will be deprecated in some upcoming release of flake8 (probably 2.1 or 2.x).