make git hook work again

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  1. megies

make git hook work again

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  1. megies author

    The first change makes my git hook work again. The second change is just guessing.. I don't use hg too much and don't use that hook.

  2. florian.rathgeber

    @megies As noted in d325cf7, this change reverts the ability for the hook to parse config files. This is due the completely incomprehensible and convoluted way pep8 StyleGuide intialisation works. I stared at the code for 2h and afaict there is no way to make both cases work without changing pep8. I would consider pep8's StyleGuide broken, since configuration files are always ignore if parse_argv is False.

  3. Ian Cordasco

    @fr710 I'm not a pep8 maintainer, merely a contributor. If @Florent Xicluna has disappeared, I'll be disappointed but there are things other than OSS and I'm sure he has a good reason for not maintaining pep8. If this persists too long though, I might ping Johann about assigning a new maintainer whether that be me or someone else.

  4. RoboHamburger NA

    This maybe too hacky to ever get accepted but I was thinking of monkey patching sys.argv. I assume it is an issue where pep8 is inspecting this (and seeing mercurial or git args).

    Here are some other random ideas that also probably aren't the best but might be worth considering: 1. Shell out to flake8. Imagine thats what most homegrown extensions do anyways... 2. Merge pep8 into pyflakes? Guess thats basically singing you up to be pep8 maintainers :) 3. Kill this feature if its not going to work anymore :( Sucks but it saves people the time of trying to get it working only find out its blocked on a doomed pep8 pull request. 4. Explicitly check for the offending config directive and complain since it doesn't work currently.