1. Tarek Ziadé
  2. flake8


flake8 / flake8 / _pyflakes.py

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pyflakes
import pyflakes.checker

def patch_pyflakes():
    """Add error codes to Pyflakes messages."""
    codes = dict([line.split()[::-1] for line in (
        'F401 UnusedImport',
        'F402 ImportShadowedByLoopVar',
        'F403 ImportStarUsed',
        'F404 LateFutureImport',
        'F810 Redefined',               # XXX Obsolete?
        'F811 RedefinedWhileUnused',
        'F812 RedefinedInListComp',
        'F821 UndefinedName',
        'F822 UndefinedExport',
        'F823 UndefinedLocal',
        'F831 DuplicateArgument',
        'F841 UnusedVariable',

    for name, obj in vars(pyflakes.messages).items():
        if name[0].isupper() and obj.message:
            obj.flake8_msg = '%s %s' % (codes.get(name, 'F999'), obj.message)

class FlakesChecker(pyflakes.checker.Checker):
    """Subclass the Pyflakes checker to conform with the flake8 API."""
    name = 'pyflakes'
    version = pyflakes.__version__

    def add_options(cls, parser):
                          help="define more built-ins, comma separated")

    def parse_options(cls, options):
        if options.builtins:
            cls.builtIns = cls.builtIns.union(options.builtins.split(','))

    def run(self):
        for m in self.messages:
            yield m.lineno, 0, (m.flake8_msg % m.message_args), m.__class__