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How to get rid of svn stuff in hg st?

Favo Yang
created an issue

I used hgexternals import a svn repo. hg st leaves with lots .svn "?" status. I edit .hgignore as a wordaround, would be good if the extension itself and handle it better.

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  1. Roman Barczyński

    Please define "better"

    • auto add glob:.svn to .hgignore?
    • transparently ignore all .svn files?

    Gave it some time and neither of solutions I could think of seemed right. Both cases above ignore fact that (for some weird reason) one might want to version that files too. Use case:

    $ mkdir x && cd x && hg init .
    $ echo 'localeurl http://django-localeurl.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ svn' > .hgexternals
    $ echo 'glob:.svn' > .hgignore
    $ hg addremove && hg commit -m test
    $ cd ../ && hg clone x y && cd y
    $ hg exte
    Performing update on external (svn) 'localeurl':
    Skipped '.'

    ...so as far as I am concerned this should stay up to user to ignore .svn or your_imported_repo/.svn or include it etc...

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