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How does one go about running the tests (if any) in the 'test' directory? I thought that it would be something like:

$ python test

I've been experimenting on a nicely put together package that includes tests (, and I can't figure out how to run them at all...

Surely tests are a vital part of the distribution story?

PS. Otherwise a great guide, thank you! :-D

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  1. Anonymous

    What I ended up doing was putting a 'test' sub-folder/package in the folder with my source (ie. the one under the root where my is), then writing a manual test runner script:

    It works well, but being able to run tests using the syntax you gave would be great!

    (remembering to set an error code...)

    $ python3 test
    Ran 23 tests in 0.453s 
    $ echo $?
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