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[patch] mention modern-package-template

Sridhar Ratnakumar
created an issue

modern-package-template is a Paste script I wrote to automate the creation of the initial directory layout of a Python project using distribute, buildout, and README.txt/NEWS.txt to long_description mapping (in future, I will also add support for sphinx docs including the sphinx-pypi-upload tool). For more details, see:

I created a fork of this guide and added a couple of links to modern-package-template with the intention to point users to the tool should they want to automate the initial directory layout creation:

1/ I am not fully confident if it is complete; not sure if we have to further expand on how to install and use modern-package-template within the guide (though the PyPI page for m-p-t contains the instructions for that)

2/ I see that the guide uses CHANGES.txt. But m-p-t uses NEWS.txt (pip too uses NEWS.txt, I believe). Should we stick to a convention? If it is going to be CHANGES.txt, I will be happy to modify m-p-t accordingly.

Let me know what you think. I understand that Tarek was positive[1] in having this added to the guide.


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  1. Carl Meyer

    FWIW pip uses docs/news.txt (repurposes a file from its Sphinx docs, rather than having a separate top-level changelog). IMO a top-level changelog is a good idea, so I wouldn't consider pip an example to follow in that regard.

    Also, as I noted at I consider package authors' use of distribute_setup.use_setuptools() in to be a nasty anti-pattern which should not be encouraged by tools like m-p-t.

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