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http://guide.python-distribute.org/creation.html#arranging-your-file-and-directory-structure: install_requires does not work for distutils.core but requires setuptools

Anonymous created an issue

The example given in the guide to packaging does not work. distutils.core does not support install_requires, but setuptools does. python setup.py sdist will work, but it will give an error that the install_requires argument is unknown.

from distutils.core import setup

setup( name='TowelStuff', version='0.1.0', author='J. Random Hacker', author_email='jrh@example.com', packages=['towelstuff', 'towelstuff.test'], scripts=['bin/stowe-towels.py','bin/wash-towels.py'], url='http://pypi.python.org/pypi/TowelStuff/', license='LICENSE.txt', description='Useful towel-related stuff.', long_description=open('README.txt').read(), install_requires=[ "Django >= 1.1.1", "caldav == 0.1.4", ], )

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