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File docs/pep-0376

 It also provides two methods:
-- ``file_users(self, path)`` -> Iterator of ``EggInfo``.
+- ``file_users(path)`` -> Iterator of ``EggInfo``.
   Returns all ``EggInfo`` which uses ``path``, by calling
   ``EggInfo.uses(path)`` on all ``EggInfo`` instances.
-- ``owner(self, path)`` -> ``EggInfo`` instance or None
+- ``owner(path)`` -> ``EggInfo`` instance or None
   If ``path`` is used by only one ``EggInfo`` instance, returns it.
   Otherwise returns None.
 ``EggInfoDirectory`` instance it contains.
 ``EggInfoDirectories`` also provides the following container and helper
 - ``append(path)``
     >>> egg_info.uses('zlib/include/zlib.h')
-    >>> egg_info.owns('zlib/include/zlib.h')
-    True
     >>> egg_info.get_file('zlib/include/zlib.h')
     <open file at ...>