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renamed APIs

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                 location = self._local_path(location)
             yield location, md5, size
-    def get_files(self, local=False):
+    def get_egg_info_files(self, local=False):
         """Iterates over the list of files located in the `.egg-info`
                 return True
         return False
-    def get_file(self, path, binary=False):
+    def get_egg_info_file(self, path, binary=False):
         """Returns a file instance on the path.
         If binary is True, opens the file in binary mode.
     location = os.path.join(site_packages, 'mercurial', '')
     assert_equals(files[0], (location, '98676876876876', '12'))
-    f = egg_info.get_file('RECORD')
+    f = egg_info.get_egg_info_file('RECORD')
     record = os.path.join(SITE_PKG, 'mercurial-1.0.1.egg-info', 'RECORD')
     assert egg_info.uses('mercurial/')
     assert not egg_info.uses('mercurial/filelog.sasasasa')
-    assert_equals(list(egg_info.get_files()),
+    assert_equals(list(egg_info.get_egg_info_files()),
-    assert_equals(list(egg_info.get_files(local=True)),
+    assert_equals(list(egg_info.get_egg_info_files(local=True)),
                   [os.path.join(SITE_PKG, 'mercurial-1.0.1.egg-info/PKG_INFO'),
                    os.path.join(SITE_PKG, 'mercurial-1.0.1.egg-info/RECORD')])
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