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_is_egg_info and _egg_info_dirs become public

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 # .egg-info finders
-def _is_egg_info(path):
+def is_egg_info(path):
     """Returns True if `path` is an egg-info directory.
     Also makes sure it doesn't pick older versions by checking
     content = os.listdir(path)
     return 'PKG-INFO' in content and 'RECORD' in content
-def _egg_info_dirs(path):
+def egg_info_dirs(path):
     """Returns the EGG-INFO directories found in `path`."""
-    if _is_egg_info(path):
+    if is_egg_info(path):
         yield path
     elif isdir(path):
         for element in os.listdir(path):
             fullpath = join(path, element)
-            if _is_egg_info(fullpath):
+            if is_egg_info(fullpath):
                 yield fullpath
 def get_egg_infos():
                 yield egg_info
             egg_infos = []
-            for egg_info_dir in _egg_info_dirs(path):
+            for egg_info_dir in egg_info_dirs(path):
                 egg_info = EggInfo(egg_info_dir)
                 if _CACHE_ENABLED: