pypi / doc / INSTALL


* virtualenv
* a working copy of the distutils2 sourcecode 
  (for now cause we can't install it with easy_install naturally)
* postgresql and libpostgresql-dev

 $ cd <pypi dir>
 $ virtualenv envs --no-site-packages
 $ source envs/bin/activate
 $ python <distutils2 dir> install
 $ python
 $ bin/buildout -vvv

 Checkout the config.ini script. This file represent the earth of the 
 configuration of your PyPi installation. You have to make sure::

 * There is already a database named "packaged" inside your db
 * The using running PyPi needed to be able to have full right on the 
   "packages" database.
 * You may need to fix some url and paths depending your installation


 $ cd <pypi dir>
 $ bin/paster serve development.ini
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