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Tab inserts 4 spaces

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---- Separating indenting and correcting indentation @ 1 ---
+- Tab should insert 4 spaces
 ? SF repository; Subversion or CVS? Synchronizing local SVN with SF?
 ? Functional tests
             return 'break'
         def doInsertTab(event):
-            self.insertTab()
+            self.insert_tab()
             return 'break'
         self.text.bind('<Control-i>', indent_line)
         self.text.bind('<Tab>', doInsertTab)
     def prevPage(self):
-    def insertTab(self, text_index = None):
+    def insert_tab(self, text_index = None):
         if text_index is None:
             text_index = self.get_insert()
-        self.indenter.indent(text_index)
+        self.indenter.insert_tab(text_index)
     def set_highlighting(self, highlighting):
         self.highlighting = highlighting
         new_indents = current_indents + 4
         self._set_line_indents(start, new_indents)
+    def insert_tab(self, index):
+        '''Inserts a tab in the given index'''
+        self.editor.insert(index, ' ' * 4)
     def _get_prev_line_start(self, line_start):
         return self._get_line_start(self.editor.get_relative(line_start, -1))


     def test_insert_tab(self):
-        self.editor.insertTab()
+        self.editor.insert_tab()
         self.assertEquals((' ' * 4), self.editor.get_text())
-        self.editor.insertTab(self.editor.get_end())
+        self.editor.insert_tab(self.editor.get_end())
         self.assertEquals((' ' * 8), self.editor.get_text())
     def test_current_line_number(self):


         self.assertEquals('a sample \ntext', self.editor.get_text())
+    def test_inserting_tab(self):
+        self.editor.set_text('print "a"')
+        self.indenter.insert_tab(self.editor.get_end())
+        self.assertEquals('print "a"    ', self.editor.get_text())
 if __name__ == '__main__':
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