Virtual site-packages

What is VSP ?

Virtual Site Packages, or VSP is a system to install, manage and use Python distutils-based distributions.

It differs from a regular file-system Python installation, because it can handle several versions of the same distribution. The distributions are installed in a tree of directories called a virtual tree (VT), where each version of a distribution is on its own directory:

 |- dist1
 |    |
 |    |- 1.1
 |    |
 |    |- 1.2
 |- dist2
      |- 1.0

When a module is imported, VSP will check the distribution it belongs to, and browse its dependencies. If the distribution uses another distribution, it will make sure there's a compatible version present in the VT and use it.

Installing VSP

Installing VSP can be done by calling easy_install, pip or by performing a manual installation with python setup.py install:

$ easy_install vsp
$ pip install vsp

Using VSP

To use VSP, a program has to load it, using the load API:

>>> from vsp import load
>>> load()

That's all !