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1. Description

  Lua.Channels is a Lua extension library that adds asynchronous channels to
transfer Lua values between different Lua states in a thread-safe manner.

2. Build

lua.channels uses Waf build tool, present in the distribution as script. Requires Python 2.4-3.2.


- Boost (author compiles against 1.50)
- Lua 5.1.5 compiled from source

Configure (one-time):
	python waf configure --boost-root <path-to-boost-distribution> --lualib-root <path-to-Lua-SDK>
Build (after configure):
	python waf

3. Usage

Place channels.dll somewhere in package search path
From lua:
require "channels"

4. API["name"])
	creates new channel, optionally named "name"
	If channel is named, it's placed into global channels registry.
		new channel object
	retrieves existing channel by name; name should be string
		channel object reference, if found
		nil, if no such channel present
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