All dependencies except Python itself may be installed from pypi.

  • Python >= 2.7 (>= 3.0 is OK)
  • django >= 1.6
  • djangorestframework

virtualenv is recommended for installation of dependencies, but not necessary.


Be sure to edit decbot_web/ with your database configuration as necessary, and change the secret key.

Database setup scripts are provided in the sql directory. Execute them on your database in numerical order and everything should be okay. You may need to modify the scripts slightly depending on what database engine you use.


If there's a new database schema revision, the requisite update script will be provided in the sql directory. Run the new SQL script(s) on your database and everything should be taken care of. Backups are recommended before attempting any upgrade, though.


Refer to the Django documentation for deployment methods. Sample configurations are included in the config directory.