libLLVMInterpreter.a needs to optionally link against libffi

Issue #19 duplicate
Ewan Higgs
created an issue

Running on nm on libLLVMInterpreter.a can show the following unresolved symbols:

                 U _ffi_type_double
                 U _ffi_type_float
                 U _ffi_type_pointer
                 U _ffi_type_sint16
                 U _ffi_type_sint32
                 U _ffi_type_sint64
                 U _ffi_type_sint8
                 U _ffi_type_void

These come from libffi which is an optional dependency for LLVM (and a default for OS X users who have installed LLVM using Homebrew). On "some platforms" (e.g. OS X), there is a bug where llvm-config --system-libs doesn't output -lffi as a required library.

This rust-lang ticket is battling the same problem.

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