Manga Scraper

A tool for downloading manga from various sources.


It's not on PyPi, but you can still install with pip:

$ pip install '[CLI]'

The CLI is currently the only functional interface, so the CLI ([CLI]) is necessary unless you're interested in using the libraries in your own program.

For development, I recommend cloning from hg and installing in developer mode.

$ pip install -e '.[CLI]'


$ mangascraper-cli --help


Configuration is read from scraper.ini in the working directory. It contains a number of options.

At the root:

  • library: absolute path in which to store downloads when using library subcommands (find-new and download-new).

A subsection for each provider. The only one currently used is Batoto, accepting two options, member_id and pass_hash which are used to log in. The values required for each of these can be retrieved from your web browser's cookies when logged in to the site. Ideally this will be improved in the future, but for now it's annoying.

The favorites section lists manga to be checked when using library subcommands. The name of each entry is ignored.

A complete config file example:

# This is a comment
library = /home/yourname/manga/

member_id = 1
pass_hash = deadbeef

# Saved to /home/yourname/manga/{title on site}/{chapter name}.cbz
'A Method to Make the Gentle World' =


Providers are the components that parse a given source into the program's internal representation. The included ones can be found in the providers directory of the source tree. Providers are registered with setuptools under the manga_scraper.site_provider entry point and are automatically enumerated at runtime. Refer to the included and providers for information on how to build your own providers.


See the included COPYING file.