Solution to synchronize video playback across multiple instances of mplayer2, mpv, Media Player Classic (MPC-HC), VLC and XBMC over the Internet.

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(Experimental) XBMC support

XBMC support is experimental, since the player is controlled via a network connection. This allows you to control the player on another machine (such as a HTPC), but also means some of SyncPlay's machinery for finding players doesn't work well.


In XBMC's Settings->Services screen, check "Allow control of XBMC via HTTP". Make a note of the port number and username/password, if set. On the Remote Control tab in settings, enable one or both of the check boxes according to where you will be running SyncPlay relative to XBMC.


For the media player path in SyncPlay settings, enter the HTTP URL for your XBMC. For instance, if running XBMC on the same machine as SyncPlay and with the default settings:


Or with a username and password set:


Or running on another machine with username and password set an on an unusual port:

If a valid XBMC RPC endpoint is detected, the XBMC icon will appear when you have entered a complete URL. By default it will search for a server at localhost on port 8080 with no password, so this will appear without any intervention if present.


Typing URLs in the configuration GUI can be very slow because it attempts to connect whenever you change the text in that box. It helps to enter the entire url minus 'http://' first (in which case it's not a valid URL and gives up quickly), then add 'http://' last.

The SyncPlay file browser requires that it be able to read selected files, so you must have a way to access files via both XBMC and SyncPlay. The mechanism for translating these paths is currently hard-coded and needs to be exposed via configuration at the least. Alternately, manual file opening can be disabled in the client, and it then listens for notifications from XBMC for when files are opened (this is a cleaner solution). You can adjust the filename translation logic in the openFile method of XbmcPlayer (syncplay/players/

The "Path to media player" field in configuration will remember its value as long as the XBMC server is available. Otherwise it will be forgotten on startup- this is a limitation of how SyncPlay detects available players.

What does it do

Syncplay synchronises the position and play state of multiple media players so that the viewers can watch the same thing at the same time. This means that when one person pauses/unpauses playback or seeks (jumps position) within their media player then this will be replicated across all media players connected to the same server and in the same 'room' (viewing session). When a new person joins they will also be synchronised.

What it doesn't do

Syncplay does not use video streaming or file sharing so each user must have their own copy of the media to be played. Syncplay does not synchronise player configuration, audio/subtitle track choice, playback rate, volume or filters. Furthermore, users must manually choose what file to play as Syncplay does not synchronise which file is open. Finally, Syncplay does not provide a voice or text-based chat platform to allow for discussion during playback as Syncplay is intended to be used in conjunction with third-party communication solutions such as IRC and Mumble.


  • Concept and principal Syncplay developer - Uriziel.
  • Other Syncplay coders - daniel-123, Et0h.
  • Original SyncPlay code - Tomasz Kowalczyk (Fluxid), who developed SyncPlay at