A long polling front-end for the very cool YakRiak.

Just for fun, yo.

It makes use of the following projects:

  • Mono - Open source, cross platform .NET implmenetation.
  • Manos de Mono - a lightweight, fast, evented webserver.
  • Riak - Dynamo-inspired database.
  • YakRiak, a web based chat application entirely hosted in Riak.
  • CorrugatedIron, a .NET Riak client.
  • Newtonsoft.Json, why is this not part of the .NET BCL?
  • YakRiak.NET, an example project for CorrugatedIron.



  • Riak
  • Mono
  • Manos de Mono

(All have excellent documentation for setting up on a range of platforms)

Building ManosYakRiak itself is very easy, you just need to run make from the root directory.

$ make

The Riak clusters are configured in the config/riak.config file, by default they are setup to point to dev Riak nodes that come with Riak.


The server can be run with a make task.

$ make run

Generating load and Listening in

There are scripts for listening and generating load which can be run as make tasks

$ make load


$ make listen