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from OpenGL import GL
from OpenGL.GL.shaders import compileShader, compileProgram

class Shader(object):
    Wraps PyOpenGL's shader compile and link functions

    .. function:: __init__(vertex, fragment, attributes)

        `vertex`: filename of vertex shader source code

        `fragment`: filename of fragment shader source code

        `attribs`: a list of attribute names

        Compiles and links the shader. For each attribute_name in
        `attribs`, looks up the attribute location, and stores it
        in self.attrib[attribute_name].
    def __init__(self, vert_src, frag_src, attribs):
        self.program = compileProgram(
            compileShader(vert_src, GL.GL_VERTEX_SHADER),
            compileShader(frag_src, GL.GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER)
        self.attrib = {}
        for attrib in attribs:
            self.attrib[attrib] = GL.glGetAttribLocation(self.program, attrib)

    def use(self):
        """Use this shader program"""
        GL.glUseProgram( self.program )

    def unuse():
        """Stop use of this shader program"""
        GL.glUseProgram( 0 )