Temporal Stability Breach

An UNFINISHED game for PyWeek 12

The game is severely not finished. Once you've seen the first ten seconds, you've seen everything there is to see.


Your tank accidentally fell into a time-machine. Ooopsie!

Emerging bleary-eyed from the resulting timestorm, you seem to have emerged in a jungle, amongst stone ruins.

Searching for a route back to civilisation, you find that the heavy mayan stone doors respond to pressure plates in the floor[1]. Surely there is some way to trigger the pressure plate so that you can get through?

Your thoughts are distracted by a sound from the timestorm behind you...

[1] not yet implemented.


sudo apt-get install:
libglu-dev libavbin0 libavbin-dev
Then for Python2.6, 'easy_install' or 'pip install':
pyrex pyglet rabbyt


python -O [OPTIONS]

--novsync : don't use vsync
--window : don't start fullscreen
--fps : show framerate


WASD or arrow keys: movement

alt-enter: toggle fullscreen f12: toggle framerate f9: screenshot


The frame rate is low (~30fps) on Ubuntu, on my modest lappy, not sure why.

Sometimes segfaults on Ubuntu when playing sound. Try --silent. :-(